Hi, I’m Vinz

I am a business graduate with hands-on technical skills and a love for carefully crafted products

Get to know me

I am 25 years old Business Engineer graduate from the Solvay Business School, currently working as Growth Manager at Proxyclick.

I always aim to be at the interface between tech and business, and have already been getting my hands dirty at Google, Additionly and others, all listed on my LinkedIn.
You can follow me as I share interesting articles and thoughts on Twitter, recommend some more on Medium, watch the videos I post sporadically on YouTube, listen to what makes me shake my head on Soundcloud and double tap on my Instagrams.

Below, you’ll find a short selection of projects I am proud of. Feel free to shoot me an email if you ever feel like talking, grabbing lunch, or coffee!

A Nike+ to Strava exporter